A refundable customer security deposit in the amount of $85.00, is required for all new customers.  Click here for application. 
Application for new service must be made in person at the District’s office.  Applicant’s photo ID is required.

Also required is your WV American Water Company (WVAWC) account number. 
You must first establish water service with WVAWC by calling 1-800-685-8660. 

For a new connection to the sewer system, an application for a tap must be completed and submitted to the PSD for approval. 
A tap fee of $300.00 must accompany the application for new service.  Click here for application.

All taps must be inspected by Sissonville PSD.  Failure to comply may result in having to uncover the tap for inspection.


The follwing guidelines will assist you in making your connection to the Sissonville PSD’s sewer system. If you have a question about making the connection, you may call 304-984-3396 between 7:30a.m.and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

1. Homeowners are responsible for constructing the service line from their house to the Sissonville PSD’s sewer system. Sissonville PSD will construct a 4” diameter tap to your property line or to the edge of the easement if the main line was already constructed on your property. The location of the end of the tap will be marked with a stake or paint. The customer is responsible to actually make the connection.

2. If you are constructing a single-family dwelling to the sewer line, a 4” diameter pipe is required. If you are connecting two or more single-family dwellings, an apartment building, or a commercial building to the sewer, the minimum required pipe size is 6” in diameter.

3. The pipe and fittings must be the SDR 35 with the rubber gasket joints and bearing the class designation on the side. It also must be visible to Sissonville PSD's inspectors.

4. Restaurants, schools, and other eating establishments must install a grease trap. Contact the Kanawha County Health Department for more information.

5. Car washes, service stations, and mechanic garages must install grit traps and oil and water separators.

6. The pipe must be installed in bedding material 6” under and 6” over the pipe. Thoroughly tamp the bedding material in place. Use either sand, sand/gravel mix, crusher rock, or river gravel for the bedding.

7. You must construct a clean-out on the outside of your structure’s foundation to clear any blockages that may occur. You must also install a clean out every 150’ of pipe and at every pipe fitting. You can obtain a diagram of the layout at our office.

8. Connect to the sewer using a Fernco (brand name, or equal) rubber coupling with stainless steel bands.

9. Do not backfill the pipeline until it has been inspected by Sissonville PSD. Call 304-984-3396 to make an appointment to have your customer service line and the connection inspected. Inspectors are available Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

10. It is illegal to connect roof drains, footer drains or any other type of drain that allows rainwater or other surface drainage to enter the sewer system. This is a violation of Sissonville PSD’s Sewer Use Ordinance and also a violation of the WV Public Service Commission’s Rules for the Government of Sewer Utilities.

11. Once your sewer line has been inspected and approved, you may backfill the trench.

12. A $300.00 tap fee is charged to all new customers. The fee is generally required for each water meter installed on the property.



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